Interpret the strategic meaning behind the dongfeng “and” culture

If faw “red flag” is a special political symbol, then, the east wind “double swallow” represents a national life ideal. Make the Chinese people, it is the east wind direction in the future. Although still faces with independent brand of dongfeng brand started late, and the problem of small sales base, but more than 40 years of experience in building cars, and more than 20 years experience in joint venture cooperation, the east wind has profound cultural accumulation, and the accumulation of a large number of resources, talents, technology, make the east wind auto parts has power to offer as Italy’s fiat people own a car, let the “double swallow” fly higher and further. Brand identity — Flying off the “double swallow” In November 1979, no.2 (now), dongfeng company give prize solicitation to factory “factory emblem” call of the design. After the second automobile has been aware of the importance of logo design. In order to develop the trademark design talents, advanced has selected a group of young worker many art skills to the central academy of arts and crafts (now tsinghua academy of fine arts and crafts) automobile modeling professional studies. YiDeKun working in a car factory products division is one of them, he and a dozen other young people responded positively call for “factory emblem”. 2 the brand is “dongfeng” two characters. YiDeKun thinks, no matter in Chinese cummins 4bt characters or letters to represent are not very appropriate, then in addition to the students to know pinyin, adult almost couldn’t read the letters, and all are able to identify only graphic logo. But want to directly use graphics to represent “dongfeng”, is it difficult to broken YiDeKun. In constant struggle, swallow by accident appeared in the lithe YiDeKun mind… The swallows were sent by dongfeng, and there is a swallow, there must be the east wind. The swallow represents good fortune, in the spring, also represented by perseverance, balloon, clever and lovely when the swallows fly… Then, a circle of two swallows fore and aft roaring rotation, has a dynamic meshes, “double swallow” present in YiDeKun figure. Among them, the circle is symbol of rapid rotation of the wheel, and symbol of human habitation; Fly wing to wing of ChunYan soar in high wind, the whole design is a symbol of the rotation of motor rotation movement of the engine and wheels, and a symbol of the no.2 picture design production of dongfeng motor, is at the speed of wind is generally Mercedes global, to serve the people in the world. Design conception in defense, YiDeKun replied: “no.2 although construction in the mountains, but she must like the birds flying and into the vast, blue sky. The swallows fly freely in the northwest of mountain forest, it is cummins 6l with advanced builder all emotions mascot.” This passage, moved the scene all people not only, also make the “double swallow” pattern in collecting works stand out from the crowd. Soon after, the national administration for industry and commerce trademark office approved the east wind to use “round, with double yan” logo. The pace of the dongfeng has since taken to create brand culture. Cultural strategy — Wudang Taoism “and” cultural gene inheritance On April 18, 2014, dongfeng company officially released “and” cultural strategy, is committed to building “people, cars, nature, social harmony”, boost the Chinese dream, achievement of dongfeng dream, continue to development. From the mountain city of the development of shiyan, wudang mountain, dongfeng company has the rich cultural background, similar mountain are “and” as the core of Taoism culture inheritance gene. With “double swallow” brand identity as the essence, the main body of its cultural strategy includes: “and” the connotation, the concept of “and” system, “and” the action of system, the slogan “and” four cummins isle parts. The connotation of the east wind “and” is “works together, and yue symbiosis”. Works together is the challenge of dongfeng company, viable socgen’s cultural pursuit; Repeatedly “symbiosis”, is the dongfeng company work by dreams, and enjoy a win-win culture mind. As the supreme state, dongfeng company will actually is dedicated to build “people, cars, nature, social harmony”. The east wind “and” the idea of the system include: dongfeng mission: “let the car drive dream”; Dongfeng vision: to build a sustainable development in one hundred, dongfeng, geared to the needs of the internationalization of the dongfeng, independent development of the east “in the open. Dongfeng spirit: “all rivers run into sea, shelly line”; Dongfeng business philosophy: “concern every one of us, care for every car”. Dongfeng “and” action of the system includes: a center, namely “development”; Five development, namely, “independent development, open development, green development, coordinated development, win-win development”. The east wind “and” Chinese slogans as “dongfeng where, with you”; English slogans as “withyou”, identified as red seal shape “and” the word travel model. East wind “and” dongfeng “dry D300″ program, dongfeng “lip”, etc. The present China, many enterprises attach importance to cultural construction, but will decide the concept of corporate culture with specific, it rises to a strategic height, such enterprises are rare. Independent development — Dongfeng need to culture Understanding of dongfeng knows that, as a start from shiyan cummins kta38 the mountains, and gradually towards the east wind, back to wuhan with a story that does not say, its cultural strategy has more meaning behind it. First, the summary of the traditional spirit of “advanced” and sublimation. From shiyan walked out of the mountains, the east wind has deep simplicity, unity, strength of character. And to sustainable development, facing the complex and changeful market environment and competitive environment, the east wind to the culture of its traditional refining sublimation, rose to a strategic height, with a more generous and open attitude to participate in the competition. Second, integration symbiosis, is a necessity in the development of the car companies today. Any enterprise cannot behind closed doors, industrial globalization, require companies to pay more attention to take “and” as this, sincere cooperation. Dongfeng company is a joint venture the longest chain enterprises, China’s automobile industry earlier with nissan, Honda, PSA, kia, established a joint venture relationship. Nearly two years, dongfeng and hand T company, Sweden Volvo, Renault, Sweden, Germany, and other world-renowned enterprises. In the face of such a huge international joint venture cooperation, there must be a core of enterprise culture at the head of the joint venture cooperation with multinational companies. Third, dongfeng large independent need to “and” more expensive. Dongfeng independent strategy, one of the most important thing, is “together”, it is a multi-level and involve many regional autonomous linkage. Big independent “coordination”, its essence is “and”. Such as fengshen, vogue and grace, three mahayana car brand resources integration and coordination, shiyan and xiangyang commercial vehicle autonomous brand planning and resource allocation, etc., all need dongfeng company adopts excellent “and” means to merge. Fourth, to cope with the needs of the domestic and international competition clutch parts . Competition of the auto industry, has reached a critical period, eventually will be eliminated in the no market and service consciousness, no solidarity of the enterprise. To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to build a strong corporate culture. Zhu Fushou dongfeng company general manager, said: “any sustained competitiveness of a company, in fact, culture is the first one, because it is deeply rooted in the enterprise operation each link, all areas of the basic concept and behavior.” In the face of the cruel cummins parts market competition, domestic face joint venture cooperation with many multinational companies, dongfeng company needs to “cultural consciousness and cultural confidence”.

Burst of reflection: dongfeng steam restructuring the end come

Preached for a long time of dongfeng truck parts restructuring fujian auto group (hereinafter referred to as the steam) program, and entangled with f steam restructuring case once again put on hold for many years. The news, the reporter immediately call the east and the steam, the two are not to respond to the default, the reasons behind the complex. Transfer jinlong car or fuse “Jinlong bus transfer the vapor or steam dongfeng fu restructuring fell through.” China’s national securities chief auto industry analysts Cao He told reporters in an exclusive interview. On February 13th, jinlong bus, according to the announcement jinlong auto existing controlling shareholder xiamen sea wing group co., LTD., wholly owned enterprises, and its proposed will be 20.7% of jinlong bus, in the form of free transfer to the steam group. Cao He thinks, although jinlong transfer f steam things there is no direct relationship with the restructuring fell through, but it is undoubtedly accelerate the dongfeng steam the breakdown of the talks. Jinlong bus agrees to transfer the steam, based on a big golden dragon want to obtain the status of development of passenger cars. Jinlong bus want development has long been a passenger car, even f steam dongfeng reorganization, jinlong bus also hope to support the development of the golden dragon dongfeng passenger cars. And steam dongfeng fu restructuring, the steam in the southeast of passenger car this part mainly want to develop their own brands, Cao He said. This creates jinlong and steam for dongfeng restructuring, different opinions, both for their own interests game, hindered the advance of the restructuring process. Dongfeng steam restructuring the attitude is not positive? Many analysts believe that the steam and baic fujian Daimler project cooperation, the cummins 6bt gasoline itself is not good for the development of passenger car southeast, dongfeng steam for restructuring the itself lack of enthusiasm. But for dongfeng’s performance over the past two years, the east wind for mergers and reorganization is obviously very keen. In recent years, the major automotive group are expanding, dongfeng competitors changan, baic and so on, there are a lot of action. Especially in changan from dongfeng scored hafei, east wind is very uncomfortable. Dongfeng nearly two years while in the restructuring of domestic no action, but in a foreign country is not small, taking a stake in PSA, and so on, and foreign parts, a modified joint venture enterprises, etc., visible dongfeng have ambitions. Cao He said the restructuring at dongfeng steam is a good opportunity, yulong and Taiwan and southeast cars, dongfeng if the reorganization of the steam, and conducive to the development of cross-strait relations, because, after all, dongfeng car has very deep friendship with Taiwan, hangzhou dongfeng yulong is the crystallization of cross-strait cooperation. The steam price is high, want to independent development After return to jinlong, steam power was expanded, so the steam for cummins isbe restructuring enthusiasm, before things clearly didn’t want to desire and some independent development. And nearly two years, sales of ling yue is good, can say is at a critical moment to save the dying of the steam. Although joint venture with mitsubishi’s equivalent of hopelessness, southeast of the independent brand’s ling yue is very brilliant, with the passage of time, the steam also slowly slow lead dongfeng just think that the most difficult period of restructuring period. Return the jinlong f steam have bottom spirit, at this time for the dongfeng cummins m11 restructuring talks more dominant, natural desire to get more favorable conditions. This is obviously more than the east wind, weigh the interests of all aspects, the decision to stop talks is clearly necessary. , dongfeng steam must restructure may not be good object, Cao He finally made three prediction to the future of the steam: first of all, according to the current situation, the steam is certainly in the future reorganization of object; Second: the steam price is too high, cummins nt855 if the restructuring must recognize their own actual situation; Third: f steam restructuring self development, it is difficult to get a good result. F steam restructuring history goes back a long time ago, guangzhou, Beijing has expressed willingness, especially Beijing, Daimler project cooperation measure when two recombinant how hot fire. And for baic, restructuring the steam promote the demand of the development of relations across the Taiwan straits and stronger, dongfeng and dongfeng yulong na zhi jie, baic restructuring f steam, can naturally and yulong online. Baic is a lot of people watch the object, and finally ended in failure, so that the steam restructuring, dongfeng parts, like Beijing, are not appropriate.

Dongfeng cummins engine exported the United Kingdom

Recently, dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD., west end assembly shop 12 new engine delivery area is light green tall open on engine, is particularly captivating. Cummins power the first batch of 13 l export Britain and dongfeng cummins engine parts, control engine off ceremony held in simple ISZ new product assembly workshop. Lu Zhuohua dongfeng cummins company deputy general manager, director of qa director Liang Binyuan, manufacturing engineering WenRongJian, CL final assembly department manager had race peak, the project team and team members and other related personnel participated in the ceremony of the offline. The first batch of 12 sets of 13 l control export cummins isde engine, including the end of may is offline 16 engine specifically for foreign well-known enterprise production, from ocean the other shore the cummins power plants overseas orders. It marks the company’s products to market, the first independent research and development of global market recognition, global starting. “Please in line with customer first, for the sake of the honor and pride of DCEC cummins parts and future development, to ensure delivery of high quality and good performance of the product.” On the same day, traveling, highly pay attention to the progress of the project special email from wang ning always cummins 6ct company, emphasized the importance of “first” review. Design quality in every link in the process of production, so that customers use safely, high value products. Since March 2014, 13 liters PGBU export engine quality control on important agenda, regular review meeting. Especially for the cummins isf2.8quantity, especially in the face of export, in addition to statistical analysis of existing data, also to be put on the comprehensive analysis the reliability of risk (including the production capacity and quality assurance ability and all affect the reliability of the associated) assessed, such as: the ISZ suppliers (mainly) of the key parts of production capacity and quality assurance ability, especially if there is/or how many some key parts suppliers or inventory before digestion; Home-made parts and assembly capacity (including the cummins kta19 production capacity and quality assurance ability) before proceeding with the analysis of foresight, with meticulous improvement to reduce risk, laid a solid foundation for successful referrals.

Competition is fierce Cummins gas engine also emphasize cost performance

In the past, Chinese cummins isf3.8 local brands and foreign brands to compete, emphasizes is the most cost-effective. Nowadays, in foreign brands to launch new products, also began to stress ratio. On May 14, in 2014 Beijing international road transport, urban public transport and parts, cummins engine manufacturers of American independence it unveiled its first domestic natural gas engine L8.9 G. In an interview with the media conference, cummins vice President Peng Lixin said: “L8.9 G also emphasize price. It has the advantage of high stability, strong power, low gas consumption, and competitive prices.” Cummins is the world’s first enterprise research and development of natural gas technology. In the 1960 s, we started work in research and development of natural gas engine. In the 1980 s, cummins first car once pushed on natural gas engine was a huge success. At present, the worldwide, cummins co-operation, a total of six r&d center jointly participate in the development of natural gas engines. Which has been widely applied in the U.S. market, natural gas engine. In the bus market, natural gas engines share of 15%, in clean sanitation car kind of truck market, natural gas engines share reached 50%, such as long-distance freight heavy card market share is 1% ~ 1%. It is understood that in the United States cummins gas engine and gas engine market share is 90%. China’s use of natural gas vehicle turbocharger market an earlier time, and gradually from the development of CNG vehicles to LNG vehicles. In the United States, commercial natural gas use is main or CNG, mainly used in the field of short. According to forecast of cummins, as more and more large enterprises to use natural gas engines, the LNG market is more promising. Peng Lixin said, China is a country with weak rich coal and less gas, and demand for energy is large. Along with the adjustment of energy structure in China, the exploitation of natural gas and import are rapidly increasing, coupled with the economic and environmental advantages of natural gas, China is becoming a market of the world’s most important natural gas engine. According to cummins gas business in Asia and China’s passenger car market, managing Liu Yue introduction, in 2013, China’s sales of natural gas truck sales volume has more than 30000 vehicles, but also in the development at high speed. Cummins in the Chinese market since 1999, has launched a series of cummins B (B5.9 G) 195 horsepower and 230 horsepower of natural gas (CNG) engine, and help the Beijing bus created three of commercial natural gas bus “first”, namely “global urban natural gas bus number first team”, “global length first bus” and “the height of the global first natural gas bus”. Imported engine performance is high, but thedongfeng truck parts price is high, and can not fully meet the needs of users, the local bus company for performance, reliability and environmental performance of the vehicle has some special requirements. Cummins medium-duty RoeEast gas business general manager said, let the engineer research and development in more than 10000 kilometres away completely products suitable for the Chinese market is not realistic. Therefore, cummins need to do some localization development for the Chinese market for the product. Peng Lixin said, cummins L8.9 G gas engine is developed by wuhan technology center, adopt dongfeng cummins diesel engine cylinder block, cylinder body and installed at the factory of cummins Woodward combustion control system, etc., to complete all the assembly of parts. L8.9 G adopts world advanced gas technology research and development platform, and CAE simulation tool, a collection of international top bench testing equipment, the whole development process for more than two years. The engine used cummins engine parts domestic unique function in real-time gas composition analysis, can make the products to adapt to the different parts of the gas, wide application range. L8.9 G bench test more than 8000 hours, and more than 10000 special work cycle of severe cold and heat shock test, and for the Chinese market the vehicle operating conditions, the 600000 kilometers of the actual operating road test, to ensure that the engine can reliable operation under various conditions. “Previous natural gas engine power performance is better than diesel dongfeng engines. But according to the customer feedback information, after commissioning L8.9 G power performance is very good, this gives us a lot of confidence.” Peng Lixin. “Cummins L8.9 G 100% of parts from China. Can realize small batch supply in June, and July to full scale production, with annual production capacity of 20000 units. It sells to domestic mainstream products for reference, the price to be as competitive as they are,” said Peng Lixin, “hope wuhan technology center of research and development of products in the future to contribute to the application of the global natural gas engines.”

Nike ジョーダン 12

カバー部分はメッシュ加工などエアジョーダン11 通販充実していた.エア ジョーダンシリーズ20作目を飾る記念すべき「エア ジョーダン20」、一目瞭然だがこのモデルでさらにジョーダンシリーズが進化したことは確実。

そのうえインナーのシープスキンのクッション性も相まってフワフワと雲の上を歩 く様な快適な履き心地の、優れものブーツです.ジョーダン cp3 vi。ジョーダン 名言 英語思ってたより早かったので安心しました。ブランドもののムートンブーツ、しかもショートは初めてジョーダン cp3 5。フィット感は安物とは比ナイキ エアマックス テイルウィンドべ物にならないくらいあります。とびっくり。サイズはぴったりで色も思っていた通りでした。今見たらセールで安くなっててびっくりしましたジョーダン ダンク。 ナイキ ジョーダン lスタイルとても気に入りました。

採用しジョーダン ダンスシューズ、特殊な技術によりステッチを無くす事でよりアクセントとして磨きのかかった唯一無二 の存在感ある仕上がりになっています!!結構思ってたよりも早く手元に届きました。箱も潰れ、汚れ等なく、状態がとてもよかったので大変満足しました。ま た、サイズもピッタリナイキ ティエンポ レジェンドエリート 4で一安心ですジョーダン ドライフィット。またこちらで買いたいくらいオススメです(^ ^)想像よりめっちゃかっこいいくつでした。NIKEのシューズブランド「JORDAN CP3」の最新モデルジョーダン エアロ フライト、“VI”のプロモーション映像とその撮影用インスタレーションがジョーダン エアマックス素晴らしく斬新だと話題を呼んでいます。

Nike Jordan 9

このモデルの注目すべき点はグリップ、そしてインソールに搭載されているエアです。 イ ンソールのエアが取り外しが可能という画期的な新システムジョーダン ブレイジン。 薄型&高反発のズームエアの2種類を付け替え可能。 レスポンスを高めるならズームエア、 クッショニングを重視するならナイキ ティエンポ レジェンドエリート 4。シチュエーションに合わせ使い分けることが可能になっている。ジョーダン ブランドナイキ スニーカー ハイカット アウ ターで欠かすことのできないライダースジャケットスタンドカラータイプのジョーダンブランド専門店デザインでジョーダン スニーカー全体にややシワ感をもジョーダン ベビー.たせてかっちりし過ぎない印象になり袖口部分ジョーダン バッシュ 新作にはジップで開閉可能なディテールを採 用。

シープスキンのジョーダン 中古老舗ブランドより人気の高いエア ジョーダンです。アッパーには天然皮革を使用しているため、軽量でとても柔らかく、そのうえインナーのシープスキンのクッション性も相まってフワフワと雲の上を歩 く様な快適な履き心地の、優れものブーツです.ジョーダン cp3 vi。エアジョーダン8通販 英語思ってたより早かったので安心しました。ブランドもののムートンブーツ、しかもショートは初めてジョーダン cp3 5。フィット感は安物とは比べ物にならないくらいあります。とびっくり。サイズはぴったりで色も思っていた通りでした。今見たらセールで安くなっててびっくりしましたジョーダン ダンク。 ナイキ ジョーダン lスタイルとても気に入りました。とても中側が暖かです。 

メンズに加え、ジョーダン フライ ウェイド2,2012年春夏シーズンよりスタートしたウィメンズのアイテムがそろう。2012年秋冬コレクションは深い紫や青みがかった濃灰色ジョーダン イレブン、ナイキ エアマックス テイルウィンド高彩度の青、臙脂(えんじ)、黒など、高橋盾が「日本の伝統的あるいは自然な色」と捉え ている色を使用して、自然とのつながりを表現。「日本の歴史や文化を感じさせる」という長野の杉並木などの自然からインスピレーションを得て、枯葉がつく るカモフラージュのようなプリントも取り入れられている。


益々盛り上がりを見せるシリーズより、の 新作カラーがリリース!インパクト大のシャイニーなアッパーを採用しジョーダン ダンスシューズ、特殊な技術によりステッチを無くエアージョーダン9通販す事でよりアクセントとして磨きのかかった唯一無二 の存在感ある仕上がりになっています!!結構思ってたよりも早く手元に届きました。箱も潰れ、汚れ等なく、状態がとてもよかったので大変満足しました。ま た、サイズもピッタリで一安心ですジョーダン ドライフィット。またこちらで買いたいくらいオススメです(^ ^)想像よりめっちゃかっこいいくつでした。

メンズコレクションジョーダン ジマーマンのミックスショーツやライトウエイトジャケット、コンバーチブルジャケットは、素材のミックスや仕立服のようなシルエット、大 胆な色使いが特徴ナイキ ティエンポ レジェンドエリート 4。スイフトロングタイツやアウトラストジョーダン ジャケットニットキャップ、ウールボンデッドフーディなど、寒いシーズンに体を包むベースとなり、パフォーマ ンスを向上できるアイテムが揃う。

ウィメンズは女性らしい美しさを生かしながらジョーダン ジャージ セットアップ、走る際の自由な動きをサポートできるプリーツ使いのコンバーチブルスカー トやロングタイツをラインナップナイキ エアマックス テイルウィンド。身体の作りに合わせた構造やピンタックなどジョーダン ジャージ 激安、「NIKE」の持つテクノロジーを活かし、ディテールにこだわってデザイン されているジョーダン ジャンバラヤ。またシューズはナイキ ルナ スピードライト+APとナイキ フリー 3.0 V4をコレクションの色調に合わせて制作した。